Buckwheat Salad


I tried buckwheat rice for the first time and it’s tasty. It is similar to brown rice and you can have it with a salad or a curry.    I made a bucket salad with roasted chicken, cauliflower, onion and red peppers. Topped with lettuce, nuts and balsamic vinegar.


150 g Chicken breast or thighs

¼ cup cooked buckwheat

150g cauliflower

¼ onion

¼ capsicum

3-4 lettuce leaves

a handful of almonds

1 tbsp. balsamic

½ tsp. Cajun Pepper

½ tsp. paprika

Salt and pepper to season



Preheat fan forced oven to 220ºC digress.

Remove two trays.  One tray, place the chicken on the tray and season with salt, pepper and Cajun spices.  (Feel free to use your own spices). Place in the oven and cook through.

Mix the paprika with the cauliflower, onion and capsicum.  Bake for 15 minuter or to your liking.

Boil the buckwheat rice according to packet instructions.

Chop lettuce and put on serving plate.  Add the buckwheat, the roasted vegetables and chicken. Pour Balsamic over the salad and enjoy.



This dish serves one.


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