What Foods to Eat Before a run and What Foods to Avoid Before a Run

It is essential to have something to eat before your long or short rum.  Running empty makes you feel nauseous.  I know this as a fact because when I started running I ran on an empty stomach and I felt sick. Also it is Important to know how much to eat before a long run and experiment which food is good for your tummy.  Milk, oranges, apples are a big NO for me, running with acidity is not fun.  I have had bananas and dates before a run and they are good on my tummy.

Popsugar Health & Fitness have a great article on what to eat and what to avoid.  Read article.  You’ll Have the Best Run Ever by Avoiding These Foods Read more at https://www.popsugar.com.au/fitness/What-Eat-Before-Run-30819049#tStFs2TTT8ATYzfr.99