5 of My Favourite Deserts


  1. Chocolate Alchemy Gateau– I love this chocolate dessert from Koko Black.  It’s filled with dark chocolate mouse, chocolate cream, chocolate caramel with a small bar of Belgium chocolate.
  2. Crème Caramel– My favourite childhood dessert.  I have attempted this dessert, after three fails I finally succeeded.  Making the caramel is the hardest part.  This desert has a wobble custard coated with melted sugar.  Love love it.
  3. Tiramisu- This delicious dessert is made from coffee soaked sponge biscuits, cream and mascarpone with dusted coco powder.  It is best eaten chilled.
  4. Raspberry Cheesecake Somethings you eat once and the taste haunts your tongue for a lifetime when you think about it.  I had gone to a small Italian restaurant and ordered their raspberry cheesecake and it was divine.  The cheesecake mouse was filled with raspberries and has a soft thin biscuit crust.
  5. Apple Pie-Another  favourite food dessert I have never forgotten was when I had gone for an international food dinner festive and had the best apple pie ever from the American food stall.  No apple pie has ever beaten the one I had.  The apples were soaked in syrup or cooked in syrup and had a soft crust.