Born to Run by Christopher McDougall


We run when we are scared, we run when we are ecstatic, we run away from our problems and run around for a good time.
By Christopher McDougall

When I was taking a short running break, I read Born to run. A bunch of ultramarathons running a 50 mile race through Mexico Copper Canyon. It was an interesting book. Here are the six things I learnt.

Never Quit
The runners in the book never gave up when the run through the hot dessert to complete a 50 mile race. They kept pushing on despite the heat. Whatever obstacle you face never give up, keep on pushing.

Train Hard, Train your distance
The ultramarathons trained at least twice a day, Anne Trason ran from home to work and did 16 miles. Whatever distance you are doing, train for it, don’t train cram.

You don’t need shoes to run
The Tarahuman’s ran barefoot, someone ran with slippers and others with shoes. Run with what makes you comfortable.

Eat well before a long distance run
In the book before their race the runners had a heavy breakfast. Each runner knew what food works best for them before a long race. One runner had burritos, and another had broth. Before a long run eat, don’t skimp food.

Don’t skimp on water
Two of the runners, a couple in the book woke up late and didn’t eat or drink water or pack water. They felt thirsty during their run and walked. Didn’t know where they were. Stopped at a swamp to drink water. Lucky for them one runner found them there when he went searching for them. Always drink water before a run or carry water with you. If you’re thirsty during a race stop at the water station and sip water.

Run for the love to run
In the book the runners loved to run because they enjoyed running. Take an example of Anne Trason she worked in the laboratory and used to run because it washed her stress away. I enjoy running because it makes me calm and refreshed.