Ginger Chicken Stir Fry


When it comes to stir fry you usually have noodles or rice as a side dish but this recipe is filled with veggies.  This chicken is marinated in ginger, tamari honey and cooked with healthy vegetable.


4 chicken thighs cut diagonally

2 teaspoon olive oil

250g snow peas cut in half

4 stalks broccolini chopped

2 large chopped bok choy heads

1 cup cashew nuts

For the Ginger Chicken Marinade

3 tsp grated ginger

1 tbsp. honey

2 tbsp. tamari

2 cloves of garlic mashed

4 tbsp. olive oil


Mix in a bowl the tamari, honey, ginger, garlic and olive oil.  Add the chicken and coat.  Cover and refrigerate foro30 mins.

Using a non stick frying pan place on a medium heat.  Drizzle pan with olive oil.  Stir fry chicken until it’s cooked through.  Add the cashew nuts in the chicken and mix through.

In the same pan, add all the chopped vegetable and stir fry for 2-3 minutes.



This dish serves 4

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