To Freeze or not to Freeze

I read BBC food on top tips of freeing food and the information is handy.  From freeing tips such as cooling food before freeing, defrosting before eating or cooking, portion control and wrapping food.  The article goes further to explain foods which to freeze and not to freeze, Top tips on freezing food

Another article I read on looks at how to freeze food, the article is helpful especially if you cook during the weekend.  They cover the best way to pack  food such as layering mince, fruits pancakes and how to freeze.  How to freeze food.  The second article looks at how long to freeze food, most foods can stay in the freezer for up to three months.  How to freeze food (part two)

Be careful when freezing rice, make sure it’s properly cooked through or heated through or you will have food poisoning.  Healthy WA. has an article on safe cooking and cooling of rice. Safe cooling of cooked rice


Dishes I  prep and store in the freezer for the week

To avoid buying take away or eating unhealthy food it’s best to prepare your food in batches during the weekend and proportion them for the week. All you have to do after work is boil rice or pasta or microwave your food.

Dishes I freeze

  • Curry-make curry and store in the freezer for the next day or midweek. Boil rice, or have with chapatti, flat bread, or wraps.
  • Meat Bolognese- remove the bolognas and defrost. Boil pasta and pour bolognas .
  • Roast chicken or meat–portion or slice the protein and freeze. Make a salad or sandwich for lunch or dinner.
  • Lasagne and Cannoli–after baking, let it cool and portion them and place it in the freezer. Let it defrost and make sure it’s heated through before serving.

Dishes I don’t put in the freezer

There are dishes I don’t put in the freezer or fridge for the week.

  • Shepherd’s pie/cottage pie–they get mushy, watery and unpleasant to eat the next day or defrosted.
  • Rice- I never freeze rice, unsafe to eat and can cause food poisoning. Keep rice in the fridge for only one day and make sure the rice is heated.
  • Cooked Vegetables- vegetables become soggy, mushy and watery when frozen. Cooked vegetable are best eaten on days they are prepared.