Tropical Fruit Sorbet

Sorbet is light and refreshing  and can be made a day in advance.  It is also a great summer dessert.  Another thing you do not need to make the sorbet from scratch.  I added fruits to the sorbet, roosted shredded coconut and passion fruit.


1 litre mixed berry sorbet

1 litre coconut sorbet

1 litre mango sorbet

For decoration to need

1/2 a mango sliced

140g canned passion fruit 

handful of roasted shredded coconut

handful of raspberry and strawberry

To make the sorbet

Line a baking dish with cling wrap.  This makes the sorbet easier to remove.

Remove the mixed berry sorbet for ten minutes to melt.  Once melted pour in the baking tin.  Put in the freezer for two hours to set. 

After two hours, remove the coconut sorbet to melt, and after ten minutes pour on the frozen strawberry sorbet and let it set for four hours in the freezer

After four hours remove the mango sorbet and let it melt for ten minutes and pour over the frozen coconut and mixed berry sorbet.  Place sorbet in the freezer and let it set.

When ready to serve, turn sorbet upside down on a serving plates and remove cling wrap.  Drizzle the passion fruit, sliced mangos. coconut and berries over the sorbet.  Slice and enjoy.