Yule Log

I attempted to make a Yule log this year for Christmas. It is a simple and easy Christmas threat that take a few hours to do. To make my yule cake I baked two Genoese sponge sheets, which consisted of eggs, flour, sugar and cornflower, once they were ready and cooled I made chocolate ganache, which is made by boiling thick cream and pouring over the chocolate. I spread the cholate ganache on the the two sheets and rolled them like a swiss roll. Placed it in the fridge to sheet overnight, (You can let it set for two -four hours). Once it was set I cut one of the rolls diagonally to make three small branches. Iced the longer log with ganache and attached two of the three pieces of the branches on to the longer log and spread more ganache. Placed it in the fridge again to set. Melted dark chocolate and I used my spatula to spread it evenly on a flat board. I let the cholate harden and broke the pieces to make small backs. Trimmed the ends of the cakes and placed the cholate pieces on the cake and placed it in the fridge to set. Dusted icing sugar before serving it.

Points to consider:

Do not overbake genoise sponge because it will become dry and hard to roll

Make sure the sponge is not too thick or it will crack when you roll

Place a bit of sugar on a non stick paper so the cake will not stick

Do not melt chocolate on a hot flame it will burn

Make sure all the chicalote is melted and no lumps

The consistency of the ganache should be smooth and spreadable should not be too watery or hard

Make sure the chocolate shades are thin and easy to break and not to thick and hard to snap