Meringue/Macaron Tower

This was my first attempt doing a meringue/macaroon tower. It’s not perfect but I am glad I gave it a try and look forward to trying it again. . The meringue came out well on my second attempt. My first batch burnt because I left the oven too high. It has to be in a low oven and once you remove put the oven off, you should leave the meringue in the oven for an extra two hours.

The macaroons came out well, no crack. Once I made the meringue I let it set for an hour. and I used the French meringue recipe to do the macarons. I sandwiched the macarons with white chocolate ganache. Chocolate ganache is made by boiling thick cream and pouring it over white chocolate.

I bought the cone and covered it with fondant, placed toothpicks and stuck the meringue amd macarons onto the cone.

The lessons I learnt:

Make extra meringue and macarons

Make different sizes of macaroons and meringue

Avoid over beating the egg whites or it will become runny

Add color towards the end and use a whisk to mix

The oven should not be too hot for the meringue or it will burn and the macaron will crack.

Let the macarons rest for 30-60 minutes. the longer the better. before baking it

Make sure the consistency for the merigue and macarons are not to runny or they will not hold their shapes

Make sure the chocolate ganache is fully set before pipping on to macaron shells

Always work in a cooler kitchen or merigue and ganache will melt

Make sure there are nu lumps in the chocolate ganache