Christmas Fruit Mince Tarts

Every year I look forward to buying delicious Christmas fruit mince tarts. This year I decided to make my own tarts. It’s simple to do and the tart tasted better, crumbly and melts in your mouth, than the store bought one, mine had less sugar.

To make the tart I made sweet pastry which consists of flour, butter, egg and sugar. I rolled out the pastry to a thin layer and set it in the fridge to firm. Greased a small tart pan and used the cutters to make the shapes. Placed a spoonful of the fruit mince. One it was done I cut out decorative shapes and placed it on top of the fruit mince. I placed it back in the fridge and after 30 minutes baked it for 20 minutes,

Lesson I learnt

Made sure the butter is cold, you need a sand like mixture when mixing the butter and flour,

Put mixture back in the fridge when pastry is too soft