Poached Pear with Chocolate Sauce

A sweet delicious desert treat. Pear poached in white wine, spices and orange rind, poached until it is soft and easy to cut with a spoon, A rich chocolate sauce accompanies the pear. Loved the recipe because it’s packed with sweetness and pure cholate indulgence. You can also use the chocolate sauce with ice cream,


4 cups water

40 ml white wine

4 peeled pears

1 cinnamon stick

1 tablespoon cardamom

1/4 tsp. star anise

3 tablespoons maple syrup

2x8cm strip orange peels.


Add water, wine. spices orange zest and maple syrup and bring to boil. 

Add the four pears to the liquid and reduce heat to medium.  Cook pears for 30-60 minutes or until it is soft.

Remove the pears once ready and strain the cooking liquid and discard the spices. 

Cook the liquid until it is thicker. Put the heat off and add the pears to absorb the flavor.

Serve with cholate sauce.


Chocolate Sauce

280g Milk Chocolate

100ml Milk

40ml Thick Cream

20g Sugar

20g Unsalkted butter


Gentle melt chocolate over Bain Marie or microwave.

Place the milk, sugar and cream in a saucepan and bring to the boil.

Add the boiled milk, sugar and cream to the melted chocolate, stir gently.

Return the chocolate mixture to the pan and boil for 15 seconds.

Remove the pan from the heat and add butter, stir until butter is melted.

Pour on plate and add the poached pear.


The poached pear and choclate sauce serves 4