My Journey back

Week 3

The advantage of measuring my food is knowing how many carbs, protein, fats I need in a day. One thing I realised was I ate too much pasta, white rice and other foods high in carbs and less protein. I used to have fruits which I didn’t realise had loads of carbs like apples and bananas. Switched my snacks to yogurt which was high in protein or rice cakes. Another thing I write my meal for the whole day and add them to the myfitnesspal app. This helps me adjust my meals, reduce portion size, swap foods. For example, today, I had to reduce my pasta portion size and add meat to my pasta because I had not had enough protein. I used to eat a whole pita bread, didn’t realise it had loads of carbs and had to eat half. I eat a whole one if I go for a run. According to myfitnespal. I have to eat 152g carbs, 114g protein and 51g fat. My primary aim is not to exceed any of them, and I am under. I continue to eat healthy and exercise.

My sugar intake is 57g and because I have monitored my sugar intake. It is low, so that’s a good thing, haven’t gone over my daily sugar intake. But I have been craving sugar this week. So I will have a small piece of dark chocolate. Advantage of dark chocolate is it kills the sugar craving. Made sure my dark chocolate was 75% and followed the serving size.

This week wasn’t a pleasant week for running apart from Tuesday where I did 6km. Woke up late and had to skip my Monday run, don’t like running in the afternoon because, Perth is hot and in the afternoon it’s sticky or humid, too many cars on the road, everyone is impatient, some don’t let you pass. One time someone drove out of their driveway too fast, had to stop abruptly and sprained my knee. Another reason is kids. Love kids and don’t mind them talking to me when I run, but there are some kids who cycle on the wrong side or want to race with you. I find it dangerous racing with kids. I usually let them overtake me.     

So I couldn’t run on Thursday because I had to go get an EEG don. My body jerked after my COVID Vaccine. So I ran on Friday but my Fitbit stopped working and the strap broke. I had to predict my time, though I ran for an hour, but I only ran for forty minutes. It was a hot day in Perth and running in the scorching sun was brutal, even though it was six in the morning. They say it’s better to run a short distance than to skip a run.

For the last two weeks, I am sleeping better and eating cleaner. I feel lighter and have more energy. I have also changed my eating habits and measuring all my food isn’t bad.