My Journey back

Week 4

Started this week with a long run and a big hill. When I reached on top, the hill I was out of breath but I had to keep pushing. Ran up the hill twice. Why do cyclists have to cycle on the footpath when they have an empty road to themselves? Helped my sister move boxes and hit my knee. Went for a run on Wednesday, which wasn’t a good idea. My knee was okay when I walked but when I ran it hurt, so I didn’t run on Wednesday but had a pleasant walk. Rested my knee this week.

Everyone’s body is different. Some people will lose weight faster than others. I find it easier to maintain my weight, but losing weight is harder. Never get discouraged if you only lose a few kilos in a week. Remember not to compare yourself to other people’s body size and get discouraged. Concentrate on your goal and don’t get discouraged. Don’t always rely on the scale to check if you are losing weight. You can check with your clothes, checking if your jeans are loose or remember that dress you couldn’t fit it, try it on. When you feel lighter or your body looks different.

I came across an article on healthline, 20  common reason why you are not losing weight. I am doing something right and work on the things I’m not doing right.

What I’m doing right

I am losing weight

I keep track of what I eat

I eat enough protein

I check my carbs

I eat whole foods

I make sure I’m not over calorie intake

I eat whole foods

I don’t binge eat

I don’t drink sugar

I drink water

I don’t drink alcohol

I do cardio

I am not a junk food junkie

I don’t have a medical condition

I don’t diet

I never focus on dieting

I am realistic with my self

Thigs I need to work on

Lifting weights

Eat mindfully, I watch television will eating

Sleep better

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