My Journey back

Week 13

My Good and Bad Food Habits

Ever since I started my weight loss journey, I had to change my diet. I came across several articles which look at the good and bad food eating habits. Before I share the articles, I wanted to share my good food habits and the bad food habits I had to say bye-bye to.

My 5 Good Habits

  • Tracking my food, use an app to write what I have eaten or plan my meal. This app kelps track how much protein, carbs and fat I have consumed.
  • Drinking water-Before I started my weight loss journey, I used to skimp on water, will go one day without drinking more than 750ml of water. I have changed that habit and I drink at least 2000ml of water. I try to drink at every hour. 
  • Exercising-I am happy to say I have been exercising for several years and my aim is to keep exercising until I am old.
  • Eating Breakfast- I have never skipped breakfast. I always make sure I have something to eat. The advantage of being a morning person is you wake up early and make breakfast. I sit and eat my breakfast.
  • Not dep frying my food- stopped frying my food and started grilling, steaming, or boiling. 

My 5 bad Habits I had to stop

  • Drinking soft drinks–stopped drinking soft drinks such as juice or sodas. I only drink them when I am invited for dinner or lunch, but I usually go for water.
  • Junk food–stopped eating junk food every Saturdays, I eat healthy foods and on my cheat days I don’t overindulge. Junk food is a once in a lifetime thing now.
  • Eating the wrong food after exercise. Many years ago, I used to exercise in the afternoon and have a biscuit after a workout or a slice of cake… yeah, that is bad. I now usually have a banana if I exercise in the afternoon. I changed my exercise routine to morning workouts and have a proper, notorious breakfast.
  • Mindful eating. Had to stop scrolling my Facebook page when eating.


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