My Journey back

Week 15

We had got a big bin to clean our shed over the weekend and on Tuesday I woke up early to go for my strength training at 6:45am; I found a bicycle near the bin. At first, I thought the neighbours may have thrown their bicycles, but I saw a couple scavenging through the bins. They saw me and climbed their bicycles and cycled away. They returned the next day and continued scavenging because the bin looked empty.

It’s annoying when you are going for your walk and someone on the motorbike uses the walk path instead of the road. I had to give them way to pass. Wonder why they used the walk path. They had a whole empty road to ride. I found it dangerous they used the walk path.

 During my morning run and strength training, I carry the most essential things in my little belt, no I don’t carry water. I find it annoying. I drink water at home and go out the door. I forgot to drink water today and felt so dehydrated, but I kept going. Anyway, back to my run belt. 

5 items in my run belt.

             Mobile phone: I carry my phone at all times, and I save my ICE (in case of emergency) number on my phone in case of an emergency. If m battery is running low, I charge it to 50% before leaving. Always charge your phone the night before or when you wake up.

             Identity card: I carry for identity, in case something happens to me or if I am stopped. Haven’t been stopped yet.

             Money: I carry a few coins in my belt in case I’m near the bus stop and have sprained my leg or exhausted, or feel unwell. I can always buy a ticket to go home. Or if you are running with someone and they wish to buy something at the shop. That happened once my aunt passed a mini supermarket and remembered she ran out of honey and wished she had carried money. I bought the honey for her.

             House keys: I carry my house keys. The last thing I want to do is wake my family up before eight or arrive and they have gone.

             Food for long runs: When I did the mini marathon, I packed dates for my run and they were great energy boosters. I packed two and munched on one after 17 kilometers.