To Freeze or not to Freeze

I read BBC food on top tips of freeing food and the information is handy.  From freeing tips such as cooling food before freeing, defrosting before eating or cooking, portion control and wrapping food.  The article goes further to explain foods which to freeze and not to freeze, Top tips on freezing food

Another article I read on looks at how to freeze food, the article is helpful especially if you cook during the weekend.  They cover the best way to pack  food such as layering mince, fruits pancakes and how to freeze.  How to freeze food.  The second article looks at how long to freeze food, most foods can stay in the freezer for up to three months.  How to freeze food (part two)

Be careful when freezing rice, make sure it’s properly cooked through or heated through or you will have food poisoning.  Healthy WA. has an article on safe cooking and cooling of rice. Safe cooling of cooked rice


Dishes I  prep and store in the freezer for the week

To avoid buying take away or eating unhealthy food it’s best to prepare your food in batches during the weekend and proportion them for the week. All you have to do after work is boil rice or pasta or microwave your food.

Dishes I freeze

  • Curry-make curry and store in the freezer for the next day or midweek. Boil rice, or have with chapatti, flat bread, or wraps.
  • Meat Bolognese- remove the bolognas and defrost. Boil pasta and pour bolognas .
  • Roast chicken or meat–portion or slice the protein and freeze. Make a salad or sandwich for lunch or dinner.
  • Lasagne and Cannoli–after baking, let it cool and portion them and place it in the freezer. Let it defrost and make sure it’s heated through before serving.

Dishes I don’t put in the freezer

There are dishes I don’t put in the freezer or fridge for the week.

  • Shepherd’s pie/cottage pie–they get mushy, watery and unpleasant to eat the next day or defrosted.
  • Rice- I never freeze rice, unsafe to eat and can cause food poisoning. Keep rice in the fridge for only one day and make sure the rice is heated.
  • Cooked Vegetables- vegetables become soggy, mushy and watery when frozen. Cooked vegetable are best eaten on days they are prepared.


Born to Run by Christopher McDougall


We run when we are scared, we run when we are ecstatic, we run away from our problems and run around for a good time.
By Christopher McDougall

When I was taking a short running break, I read Born to run. A bunch of ultramarathons running a 50 mile race through Mexico Copper Canyon. It was an interesting book. Here are the six things I learnt.

Never Quit
The runners in the book never gave up when the run through the hot dessert to complete a 50 mile race. They kept pushing on despite the heat. Whatever obstacle you face never give up, keep on pushing.

Train Hard, Train your distance
The ultramarathons trained at least twice a day, Anne Trason ran from home to work and did 16 miles. Whatever distance you are doing, train for it, don’t train cram.

You don’t need shoes to run
The Tarahuman’s ran barefoot, someone ran with slippers and others with shoes. Run with what makes you comfortable.

Eat well before a long distance run
In the book before their race the runners had a heavy breakfast. Each runner knew what food works best for them before a long race. One runner had burritos, and another had broth. Before a long run eat, don’t skimp food.

Don’t skimp on water
Two of the runners, a couple in the book woke up late and didn’t eat or drink water or pack water. They felt thirsty during their run and walked. Didn’t know where they were. Stopped at a swamp to drink water. Lucky for them one runner found them there when he went searching for them. Always drink water before a run or carry water with you. If you’re thirsty during a race stop at the water station and sip water.

Run for the love to run
In the book the runners loved to run because they enjoyed running. Take an example of Anne Trason she worked in the laboratory and used to run because it washed her stress away. I enjoy running because it makes me calm and refreshed.


5 of My Favourite Deserts


  1. Chocolate Alchemy Gateau– I love this chocolate dessert from Koko Black.  It’s filled with dark chocolate mouse, chocolate cream, chocolate caramel with a small bar of Belgium chocolate.
  2. Crème Caramel– My favourite childhood dessert.  I have attempted this dessert, after three fails I finally succeeded.  Making the caramel is the hardest part.  This desert has a wobble custard coated with melted sugar.  Love love it.
  3. Tiramisu- This delicious dessert is made from coffee soaked sponge biscuits, cream and mascarpone with dusted coco powder.  It is best eaten chilled.
  4. Raspberry Cheesecake Somethings you eat once and the taste haunts your tongue for a lifetime when you think about it.  I had gone to a small Italian restaurant and ordered their raspberry cheesecake and it was divine.  The cheesecake mouse was filled with raspberries and has a soft thin biscuit crust.
  5. Apple Pie-Another  favourite food dessert I have never forgotten was when I had gone for an international food dinner festive and had the best apple pie ever from the American food stall.  No apple pie has ever beaten the one I had.  The apples were soaked in syrup or cooked in syrup and had a soft crust.

What Foods to Eat Before a run and What Foods to Avoid Before a Run

It is essential to have something to eat before your long or short rum.  Running empty makes you feel nauseous.  I know this as a fact because when I started running I ran on an empty stomach and I felt sick. Also it is Important to know how much to eat before a long run and experiment which food is good for your tummy.  Milk, oranges, apples are a big NO for me, running with acidity is not fun.  I have had bananas and dates before a run and they are good on my tummy.

Popsugar Health & Fitness have a great article on what to eat and what to avoid.  Read article.  You’ll Have the Best Run Ever by Avoiding These Foods Read more at


10 reasons why exercise is good for your body and mind

Today I read an  interesting article from Fernwood Fitness about the impact of exercising.   Not only does exercise helps you lose weight but it helps to boost your memory and mood.  It is also a good stress reliever and a great sleeping pill.

Read article—exercise/exercise/10-reasons-why-exercise-is-so-good-for-your-body-a/?src=facebook-nso

Healthy Habits for a Healthier you

I came  across an interesting article in  Healthy Living Magazine. The article looks at 6 ways one can be healthy by changing their habits.  Avoiding sugary foods and drinks.  Following the right  portion or preparing your food gets you in the habit of living a healthier life.

Read article: Healthy Habits for a healthier you

6 basic ways to adjust your eating habits for weight Loss

I read an article today from Runner’s World about adjusting your eating habits for weight loss.  It’ has been three years since I have changed my eating habits.  Measuring your snacks and food helps you know how much calories you are having. Have more veggies in your food and eating at least two servings of fruit everyday,  I don’t deprive myself from food and every since I started exercising I keep my body dehydrated.

Read full article. 6 basics ways to adjust your eating habits for weight loss

20 Easy ways to help your heart

I read this interesting  article on Bicycling Magazine.  The article covers different types of food and things one must do to maintain a healthy heart.  Some things I do like eating bananas, having berries in my smoothie or bagels. Cooking with herbs and spices, being active and eating fish.   I love chocolate and it is good for the heart.

Click the article 20 Easy ways to help your heart