My Journey Back

Week 1 2023

Happy New Year, hope you are still keeping your new year’s resolution. Unless you are like me and have none.

So, this week I decided to try intermittent fasting for a month. IF is reducing your intake of food at a certain time of the day. There are many types. Needed to detox my body from all the festive eating and baking. I did both the 16:8 and 12:12 methods.


I start my fasting at 6pm and open my fast at 11 am.

I have done this for the last five days and I feel good and have drunk loads of water during the day,

I track my food to make sure I have at least1 000 calories in a day.

I have four small meals, at 11, 2, 4, and 6.

I make sure my food is high protein and less in carbs.

I have to eat a balance meal and not eat the wrong food or overeat.


I start my fast at 6.30 am and open my fast at 6.30 pm,

I do this on days when I have to be active the whole day.

I have breakfast and do not eat until dinner time.

I have a snack and dinner.

I also track my food.

Make sure I have a balanced meal as well.

My result for the week

So, I decided to check my weight and I did lose weight. Yeah. I will continue for a month.


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