My Journey back

Week 16

I had an interesting week. Monday went to volunteer and after volunteering, I went into the city to roam around. My favourite chocolate shop closed down because of COVID and many other shops too, walked past empty shops or shops up for lease. It’s heartbreaking to walk past deserted shops. Tuesday was my day of strength training and it didn’t go well. I usually jog for twenty minutes before starting my strength training. When it was cold, I left the house. I started feeling warm and after my twenty minutes of jogging; I started feeling dizzy. Luckily I was near my parents’ house and went there. I felt disoriented and close to fainting, started sweating, but I wasn’t breathless or my heart wasn’t beating rapidly. Since I have had issues with my blood sugar levels before and have an irregular heartbeat, I think it may have been blood sugar or irregular heartbeat. I didn’t do any strength training that day, didn’t want to lift anything heavy. After I arrived home, I went over my day. I drank water, jogged the same paces as the previous week, I slept my normal hours. I wore the same clothes for my jog, nothing heavy. Something must have happened for me to fell faint after twenty minutes of jogging.

On Wednesday went for my strength training, didn’t jog, just walked at a slow pace, and didn’t feel faint when I walked, did my strength training and was okay. Walked back home and was fine. Saturday arrived, and I was going for a thirty-minute jog and strength training. I removed my jacket before jogging and I monitored my breathing and heart rate. I completed my jog and didn’t feel faint, like Tuesday, did my strength training exercise and walked back home and felt fine.

Came across an article on reasons I felt dizzy on Tuesday. I think it was my irregular heartbeat.


What Causes Dizziness After A Workout?

What causes dizziness after a workout?

5 Reasons You May Feel Dizzy During or After a Workout.