Week 10, 2023

Have signed up for the 12 km fun run which will be in May, started my training last month and have done 7 kms so far. The last time I did over 12 km was before COVID. Despite being busy, I have two days to do long distance runs and bought new running shoes because my old one has retired.

I wasn’t sure if I should do another mini marathon, have done two mini marathons before. When I started training, I did not have the energy to do another mini marathon, but I told myself in 2024 I will do my third mini marathon.

Reduces my intermittent fasting to three days. On Sunday I do 16:8 and Monday and Thursday I do a time restriction which is not eating for eight hours. Intermittent fasting has helped me reduced weight.

Back to training at 12 kms. I started with a small distance and as the weeks went by, I increased my distance by a kilometer, so hopefully by the end of April I can do 12 kms, one month before the race. I also run up and down hills because, from my previous experience, there is a hill which we need to run on.

What have I learnt?

0 There will be good days, and bad days, but you trained and feel fulfilled,

0 Walk if you must, but complete the distance.

0 Always begin with a small in distance and increase as the weeks go by.

0 Warm up and cool down.

0 Continue to track your food, making sure you do not overeat or undereat.

0 D0 don’t forget to drink water.


I came across this article which talks about why long distance is good for you. It increases your endurance, taking in oxygen and good for the bones.

What long distance running can do for you https://www.news24.com/health24/fitness/sport/running/what-long-distance-running-can-do-for-you-20150303

10 health benefits of long-distance runninghttps://www.news24.com/health24/fitness/sport/running/10-health-benefits-of-long-distance-running-20170602

Benefits og=f long distance running. https://www.runtothefinish.com/benefits-of-long-distance-running/

Benefits of Long distance running. (2) https://www.verywellfit.com/benefits-of-running-long-2910901

Week 52

That is a wrap of 2022. Before I write my last post of 2022, I want to say thank you for joining my journey. Thanks for reading my articles and hope you continue this journey with me in 2023. Thank God for keeping me healthy this year and safe.

Here are my 22 tips for 2022.

  1. Wake up every morning looking forward to exercising and you will enjoy it.
  2. Do both strength training and cardio.
  3. Warm up before starting and stretch when you completed your run.
  4. Drink water before you exercise, after you exercise, during the day.
  5. Know what time you prefer to exercise. Are you a morning person, afternoon or night?
  6. If you are exercising again or starting something new, always start slow. Do not overdo it. If you are lifting weights, start with 1 kgs first and move up. Start with a small walk if you are running or jogging. Follow a training guide to help you.
  7. Track your food on days you are exercising and on days you are not exercising.
  8. Eat right and mindful.
  9. Rest when tired or injured and have a rest day in your exercise routine.
  10. Have a recovery week when injured or exhausted.
  11. Listen to your body, it is trying to tell you something. Don’t go for a run if you have a headache. You should rest if you hurt yourself. If you fell hot, remove the jacket.
  12. There is a perfect day, but not every day will be a perfect day and you need to motivate yourself to exercise.
  13. Embrace unexpectedness. There will be days where you cannot exercise, because something happened.
  14. If you wake up in the morning and your mind makes you procrastinate because it is Monday or Saturday, ignore it, get out of bed and go for your jog.
  15. Challenge your body, try something different. I completed 100 kms in a month by doing 25 km in a week.
  16. Have a cheat day but do not overdo it, or better have a cheat meal instead.
  17. Enjoy sweet things like ice cream, cakes and chocolates, if you’re worried track the food. Always follow the serving size, if it says two pieces of chocolate have two pieces of chocolate.
  18. Everything in moderation weather is meat, chicken, vegetables, fruits or anything.
  19. Wear the right clothing for the right weather.
  20. If it is cold, rainy, or too hot, exercise indoors, follow a YouTube video to exercise if you do not have a treadmill.
  21. Every exercise will be different, every day will have a new story. A dog will follow you today. Tomorrow, you see kids riding bicycles. Every day there is something new.
  22. Celebrate your little weekly goals, if you lost a kilo, or if you ran an extra mile or you feel lighter than last week, congratulate yourself. Little progress is better than no progress.

Week 46

This week was the fourth week of my November Challenge, and I completed 103 km out of 100km. I did it, did 100 kms in a month. I still feel good, not exhausted and no injuries, yeah.

10 Things I learnt from doing 100 kms in a month

  1. Plan, 25 kms in a week will add up to 100 kms in a month.
  2. Prepare for the unexpected. There will be rainy days, tired days, shin hurt days, busy days, hot days, etc.
  3. Rest, Rest, Rest
  4. Interchange your distance, some days stick to 5 kms, other days, go over 5kms, or under 5kms.
  5. Some days you will jog, other days you will walk, and other days you will do both. Listen to your body.
  6. Wear comfortable clothes.
  7. Drink water before you leave the house.
  8. Track your food and eat right.
  9. Sunscreen on hot days.
  10. Enjoy yourself and have fun

Week 45

It is the third week of November and my one month challenge of walking/jogging 100 kms to raise money for sick children continued this week.

Have done 76 kms out of my 100 kms for the month. My week started with a 9 km walk around the city. On Tuesday I did a short walk of 4kms and rested on Wednesday. On Thursday did a 6km walk and completed my week with a 7 km jog on Saturday.

Thought by week three I would feel exhausted because I do cardio for four days. Think taking a break has helped my body recover. Another thing is I have been exercising for a while and my body is used to it.

What have I learnt this week

  • Increased my distance for two days
  • Rest is still important
  • Feel lighter and more energized
  • Have the determination to keep pushing

Came across two articles that spoke about keeping your mental strengths through workouts and I agree with the points.

  • There will be days when you don’t want to come out of bed but you need to remember your goals and slowly get out of bed and put your clothes on and remind yourself why you are doing the challenge. I am doing this challenge to run 100 kms to raise funds for sick children.
  • I need to be consistent in reaching my 100 kms, that’s reaching my goal that is 25 kms per week.
  • Embrace discomfort. There will be days you will feel sore or still sleepy because you didn’t sleep well the night before. There will be days you need to rest because your shin hurts or you banged your toe.
  • Facing the elements, there will be days when it is too hot, and days that will be perfect. I have jogged in hot conditions, cold conditions and the perfect conditions.


11 proven ways to build mental strength for better running https://www.runnersworld.com/uk/training/a773966/9-ways-to-boost-your-mental-strength/

9 Ways to Build Mental Toughness for Running https://runninforsweets.com/mental-toughness/#:~:text=9%20Ways%20to%20Build%20Mental%20Toughness%20for%20Running,flexibility%20…%208%20Stay%20consistent%20…%20More%20items

Week 44

It is the second week of November and my one month challenge of walking/jogging 100 kms to raise money for sick children continued this week.

This week I did 26kms. Monday began with a 5 km walk, on Tuesday and Wednesday I did a 6 km walk/jog. On Thursday I walked for 5 kms. I had planned to finish Friday with another 6 km, but I woke up with a sore shin and exhaustion and took the day to recover, I think because on Wednesday I did a hill, and Thursday I did couple of stairs. On Saturday I was okay and did a slow jog of 4 kms. I rested om Sunday.

So in the month of November, I have completed 49 kilometers out of the 100 kms.

Funny thing happened yesterday when I walked home after my jog. A lady at the bus stop asked me for the time and I gave her my kilometer number.

What have I learnt this week

Recovery is important when you feel sore or exhausted

Stretching out is good on recovery days

I did more kilometers this week than last week

I still feel good not exhausted or burned out

Always give someone the correct time or double check your watch


The Importance of Recovery After Exercise https://www.nifs.org/blog/the-importance-of-recovery-after-exercise

10 Tips to Speed Recovery After Exercise https://www.verywellfit.com/ways-to-speed-recovery-after-exercise-3120085

Why recovery is important https://worldfitness.com.au/blogs/health-fitness-blogs/why-recovery-is-important


This is a very educational video.

My Journey back

Week 43

It is the month of November and my one month challenge of walking/jogging 100 kms to raise money for sick children began this week.

I did 21.45 km this week and raised $158 dollars for the starlight children foundations. My week started with a tummy ache and I missed my day 1. But felt better on day two and began with a 5km walk. On Friday I jogged/walked for 7km and on Saturday finished my week with a short relaxing walk of 3 km. I took today as my rest day.

What did I learn this week

  • Have the strength to keep pushing
  • Completed four days of cardio and have slept well
  • Have to wear lighter clothes because it is getting hot and walking/jogging in the heat isn’t fun. That means I need to start earlier.
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses and more sunscreen
  • Listening to the body, some days you will walk fast, other days you will want to jog and other days you need to take a relaxing walk
  • I know I have to do 5km for five days, so I avoid looking at my GPS too much, some days I have gone over and other days under 5 km. On Wednesday I thought I had done 4 km and walked home when I checked my Fitbit. I had done 3 km. So, I had to walk for another 2 kms.  


What To Do On Rest Days: 5 Best Ways To Stimulate Active Recovery https://betterme.world/articles/what-to-do-on-rest-days/

The 11 dos and don’ts of rest day https://www.exercise.co.uk/learn/the-11-dos-and-donts-of-rest-days/

How to exercise in the heat safely. https://www.weightwatchers.com/us/blog/fitness/exercising-in-the-heat


The tips in this video are helpful in exercising in summer.

My Journey Back

Week 41

This week I practiced my 100 km in a one month challenge which will begin in November. I am jogging and walking to raise funds for sick children. So this week I had to come up with a plan on how to do 100 kms in one month. Decided to do 5kms for five kilometres for five days. The last time I did five kilometers every day was when I was way back in my twenties. Remembered every evening I ran five kilometers, but now I have Mondays as my short run days, 5km. Wednesday was medium, not over 15km. Fridays/Saturdays are long run days.

The week began with a five kilometer walk on Monday, on Tuesday I did a walk/jog for another five kilometers, I made sure I stretched after my exercise, repeated my jog/ran again for Wednesday and I thought I will get exhausted but I was fine. On Thursday I walked and out of all things to do I stubbed my toe against the bus pole when I alighted from the bus. I limped home in pain and thank God I didn’t break a nail. Rested my feet. Couldn’t do my last 5 kms on Friday because my toe was still hurting and swollen. Rested on that day. Did 21.3 km instead of 25 km. My toe is much better and on Monday will do it all over again without stubbing my toe.

What I learnt this week

  • Planned my workout
  • I can do 5 km for four days
  • Warm up before starting and stretch after exercise
  • Listen to your body when you have injured yourself
  • Have a rest day
  • Be prepared for the unexpected
  • Drank loads of water


Running 100km in a Month and How You Can Do It Too https://www.lifefullifestyle.com/single-post/running-100km-in-a-month-and-how-you-can-do-it-too

Things I learned from running 100km per month for 6 months https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/things-i-learned-from-running-100km-per-month-6-luke-williamson

The Journey Back

Week 40

Spring has arrived, so have other things. Because of COVID HBF cancelled the fun run for two years. On 21 May 2023 I plan to do my fifth fun run, haven’t decided which distance I should go for. I have done the:

  • 4 KM
  • 12 KM
  • 2 mini marathons

Have signed up for a challenge in November. Plan to do 100 kms to raise funds for sick children. I look forward to this challenge. Going to run and walk during the month of November. Don’t worry will keep you posted.

Love doing fun runs because:

  • You keep yourself motivated
  • Doing it for a good cause, this will be my second cause. The first one was raising funds for children with hearing disabilities
  • In touch with nature, especially if you run outdoors
  • Meet different people, there is always that one person who wears a cool costume
  • It is good for the mind, body and heart
  • The happiness you feel after achieving your goals
  • You keep your body moving

Here is the link to my charity page. https://gobigchallenge.org.au/romayne-pavsn


5 ways a community run can benefit your mind and body. https://www.aia.com.au/en/individual/onelife/move-well/5-ways-a-community-fun-run-can-benefit-your-mind-and-body.html#:~:text=Setting%20the%20goal%20of%20participating,to%20cross%20the%20finish%20line.

The benefits of participating in fun runs. https://costamesacommunityrun.com/the-benefits-of-participating-in-a-fun-run/

9 reasons why you should enter in a fun run. https://www.fitnesseducation.edu.au/blog/personal-training/9-reasons-why-you-should-enter-a-fun-run/#:~:text=What%20are%20the%20best%20reasons%20to%20enter%20a,7%207.%20Social%208%208.%20Accountability%20More%20items

My Journey Back

Week 23

Half a year has gone by and I’m glad I have been keeping active for the last six months. Winter has arrived. I left the house after a week of rain and strong winds to run.

I know some people say they run when it rains but I don’t like running in the rain. Here are my reasons.
• My hair puffs up.
• When it rains, it is windy and rain + wet clothes + strong wind = a terrible cough or flu.
• I have to look after my hearing aids. Water and my hearing aids are sworn enemies.
• Running with glasses when it rains is not fun, I cannot see clearly so don’t say run without your glasses.

So, back to running. The clouds’ changing colour is one of the most beautiful sights. The sky was red as I warmed up in the morning. When I started my run, the clouds changed from pink to a light yellow colour. Have you ever flown over the reed or orange sky? It’s beautiful from the plane, that’s why I like the window seat. When I was jogging back home, I saw a little girl standing on the walk path watching me. She was maybe two or three. I smiled and waved to her. I remember one time a little toddler saw me running and ran with me and her mother called her, but she didn’t stop, so I had to stop. Her mother apologized and carried her home. On Wednesday and Thursday, the sun was out, but it was cold. Went for my morning walk,

I agree with the points of the article.
• It keeps your blood flowing.
• Your body warms up when you exercise.
• Avoid gaining winter weight.


Six reasons why working out in winter is essential. https://www.macquariecentre.com.au/blogs/health/6-reasons-why-working-out-in-winter-is-essential


Exercising in winter advice and tips

My Journey Back

Week 21

What inspired you to exercise and why did you choose the exercise you are doing? Everyone has a story to share, what had inspired them to exercise reasons could range from losing weight to health problems. Why did you choose yoga or running or kick boxing? Some say to reduce stress, others will say they enjoy boxing? This is my story.

I had completed my studies over fifteen years ago and had gone on a holiday. It was a secured location, and the place had everything. A golf course, a swimming pool, a gym, a little supermarket and a library. You couldn’t leave the location without a driver and travelling on your own was dangerous.

So, keeping myself busy, I started exercising. I hadn’t exercised for over five years. My exercise of choice was running because it is fast. I began my morning with a run, no stretching, no warm up or anything. For an hour, I ran around the neighbourhood, ran up and down the hill. I went to check the pool after my run. The waiter told me I can’t swim in my gym clothes if I didn’t know how to swim. I am a terrible swimmer, but I can swim. Jumped in the warm water with my gym clothes and swam for an hour. Kept myself busy during the day. Went to the library, grabbed a few books to read and watched movies. Couldn’t wait for a good sleep.

I experienced the worst pain in my whole life, my whole body cramped at night from my toes to my head. (The pain started from my toes and slowly went to my head). I was in so much pain didn’t sleep the whole night. I promised myself I won’t put my body in so much pain again, rested for two days, and then went for a walk the following day. I vowed to exercise every year, which I do now. It’s a rollercoaster journey, but I make sure I exercise every year.

What has this experience taught me

  • Start with warm up and finish with a cooldown.
  • Always stretch after exercising.
  • Never overdo it.
  • Always start slow if you are a newbie. Start with a short walk and jog. As the weeks progress increases, distance and time.
  • Do different activities on different days.
  • Have a recovery day.
  • Never swim with your gym clothes.