The Journey Back

Week 40

Spring has arrived, so have other things. Because of COVID HBF cancelled the fun run for two years. On 21 May 2023 I plan to do my fifth fun run, haven’t decided which distance I should go for. I have done the:

  • 4 KM
  • 12 KM
  • 2 mini marathons

Have signed up for a challenge in November. Plan to do 100 kms to raise funds for sick children. I look forward to this challenge. Going to run and walk during the month of November. Don’t worry will keep you posted.

Love doing fun runs because:

  • You keep yourself motivated
  • Doing it for a good cause, this will be my second cause. The first one was raising funds for children with hearing disabilities
  • In touch with nature, especially if you run outdoors
  • Meet different people, there is always that one person who wears a cool costume
  • It is good for the mind, body and heart
  • The happiness you feel after achieving your goals
  • You keep your body moving

Here is the link to my charity page.


5 ways a community run can benefit your mind and body.,to%20cross%20the%20finish%20line.

The benefits of participating in fun runs.

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