Week 10, 2023

Have signed up for the 12 km fun run which will be in May, started my training last month and have done 7 kms so far. The last time I did over 12 km was before COVID. Despite being busy, I have two days to do long distance runs and bought new running shoes because my old one has retired.

I wasn’t sure if I should do another mini marathon, have done two mini marathons before. When I started training, I did not have the energy to do another mini marathon, but I told myself in 2024 I will do my third mini marathon.

Reduces my intermittent fasting to three days. On Sunday I do 16:8 and Monday and Thursday I do a time restriction which is not eating for eight hours. Intermittent fasting has helped me reduced weight.

Back to training at 12 kms. I started with a small distance and as the weeks went by, I increased my distance by a kilometer, so hopefully by the end of April I can do 12 kms, one month before the race. I also run up and down hills because, from my previous experience, there is a hill which we need to run on.

What have I learnt?

0 There will be good days, and bad days, but you trained and feel fulfilled,

0 Walk if you must, but complete the distance.

0 Always begin with a small in distance and increase as the weeks go by.

0 Warm up and cool down.

0 Continue to track your food, making sure you do not overeat or undereat.

0 D0 don’t forget to drink water.


I came across this article which talks about why long distance is good for you. It increases your endurance, taking in oxygen and good for the bones.

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