Week 52

That is a wrap of 2022. Before I write my last post of 2022, I want to say thank you for joining my journey. Thanks for reading my articles and hope you continue this journey with me in 2023. Thank God for keeping me healthy this year and safe.

Here are my 22 tips for 2022.

  1. Wake up every morning looking forward to exercising and you will enjoy it.
  2. Do both strength training and cardio.
  3. Warm up before starting and stretch when you completed your run.
  4. Drink water before you exercise, after you exercise, during the day.
  5. Know what time you prefer to exercise. Are you a morning person, afternoon or night?
  6. If you are exercising again or starting something new, always start slow. Do not overdo it. If you are lifting weights, start with 1 kgs first and move up. Start with a small walk if you are running or jogging. Follow a training guide to help you.
  7. Track your food on days you are exercising and on days you are not exercising.
  8. Eat right and mindful.
  9. Rest when tired or injured and have a rest day in your exercise routine.
  10. Have a recovery week when injured or exhausted.
  11. Listen to your body, it is trying to tell you something. Don’t go for a run if you have a headache. You should rest if you hurt yourself. If you fell hot, remove the jacket.
  12. There is a perfect day, but not every day will be a perfect day and you need to motivate yourself to exercise.
  13. Embrace unexpectedness. There will be days where you cannot exercise, because something happened.
  14. If you wake up in the morning and your mind makes you procrastinate because it is Monday or Saturday, ignore it, get out of bed and go for your jog.
  15. Challenge your body, try something different. I completed 100 kms in a month by doing 25 km in a week.
  16. Have a cheat day but do not overdo it, or better have a cheat meal instead.
  17. Enjoy sweet things like ice cream, cakes and chocolates, if you’re worried track the food. Always follow the serving size, if it says two pieces of chocolate have two pieces of chocolate.
  18. Everything in moderation weather is meat, chicken, vegetables, fruits or anything.
  19. Wear the right clothing for the right weather.
  20. If it is cold, rainy, or too hot, exercise indoors, follow a YouTube video to exercise if you do not have a treadmill.
  21. Every exercise will be different, every day will have a new story. A dog will follow you today. Tomorrow, you see kids riding bicycles. Every day there is something new.
  22. Celebrate your little weekly goals, if you lost a kilo, or if you ran an extra mile or you feel lighter than last week, congratulate yourself. Little progress is better than no progress.