My Journey back

Week 5

Completed one month of exercising. I have increased my distance from 4 km to 8 km. I have lost weight and moved from walking to running. My Monday started with my mind being my mind not wanting to run until Tuesday but I came out of the bed, wore my running clothes and went for a 6 km run. I felt better and glad I didn’t listen to my mind. My knee is better today and ran longer. Sometimes you need to rest.

 Something I have noticed ever since I have been running. There are only three times you see the bus. When you begin your run. You don’t need the bus because you are getting started. In the middle of your run, you need the bus because you’re tired, but here is no bus stop or buses nearby. Instead, you walk until you feel like running again. When you finish running, you see the bus again, but you don’t need it anymore. The school term has begun and saw a woman take pictures of her kids near the bus stop.

It was a hot day on Wednesday but I still ran. I completed a circuit around the neighbourhood, ran on smaller hills this week. Ran through someone’s sprinkler. It’s so interesting to watch people who stare at you when you run closer to the sprinkler. It was hot, and the sprinkler cooled me down. People walk further away from the sprinkler, but I love running closer to the sprinkler. 

I didn’t run on Friday because I walked on Thursday. I was volunteering this week, so I walked around a new suburb. The suburb had many restaurants mainly for dinner, massage parlours, clothes shops and other stores. I wanted to run on Friday but I exhausted my body from walking and standing, so I rested. It is good to listen to your body when you feel exhausted.

You should have a rest day, according to this article. I agree with the article, rest to avoid stress fracture, rest your muscles and give your brain time to rest.

6 Reasons Why Rest Days Can Actually Help You Run Stronger.

Another article I came across has ten ways to motivate yourself if you don’t feel like running. I did one, that is; I go out and ran. Another motivation I came across is, I change my routes every time I ran.

Running Motivation: 10 Tips When You Don’t Feel Like Running.

My Journey Back

Week 2

 Increased my distance this week by one kilometre, increased my runs and reduced my walking time, did 5km for three days. Weight reduced by 0.4g, happy with the results, slow progress is better than no progress.

Things I had to change this week, changed my yogurt to a low fat yogurt, eat foods high in carbs such as wraps, and increase my protein intake. I didn’t know wraps were high in carbs than bread and used to avoid them. Made sure my food had both protein and carbs, for example, a chicken wrap. 

This week two of my days were fun, enjoyed my run but on my last day had a bad run day. I didn’t sleep well, which led to my body being tired, which affected my run. On top of this, I had to run up and down a hill, which was tiring after not running up and down a hill for a year. The secret to running up a hill is to go fast and running down is going slow. They were moments I wanted to stop when I run up the hill but kept pushing. Running down is much easier. Walled back home after my hill running.

Saw a lady who walks with her little dog. A few years ago, her dog approached me and I walked away from the dog and the lady said.

“My dog just wanted to say hi.”

Today I saw the lady with her dog again and stopped and said hi to her dog and found out where she leaves. Don’t worry, I wasn’t stalking her. She stays a few blocks from my house.

It was verge collection this week. All the neighbours throw their rubbish, so my run was interesting because I got to see what everyone was throwing away. Many people seem to throw their old sofas away, mattresses and appliances. Some people’s verge had blocked the walk path and had to run on the road. 

Since I hadn’t run for a while, I was happy to see the usual suspects on my road. The usual suspects are people who you see on regular bases going for their walks or run. The Old Asian couple who walk every morning, the lady who goes and buys her newspaper, the lady with the small white dog, the guy with a big white dog, the old Indian guy who walks fast up and down the road. Haven’t seen the old man with the brown dog and the Asian guy who runs with a backpack, (I don’t know why he runs with a backpack, maybe he has water inside his backpack) and the man who walks barefoot on the middle of the road.

Saw an interesting article on Women Running about running and treadmills. Hate running on treadmills because time passes slowly, and it feels boring because you are running on the same spot. Guess running outdoors makes time move fast because to notice different things.

My Journey Back

Week I

This year have gone back to healthy eating and exercise. My goal this year is to reduce my sugar intake, get back to the long-distance run and get back to my ideal weight. The last time I did a long run was two years ago.

Had a wake-up call last year when they found a blockage in my neck and they thought it was cholesterol and I had to do an MRI. Waited for my results, it disappointed me, haven’t looked after my body, not exercised and eaten clean. The results came back and thank goodness it was not cholesterol; I was born with the blockage on my neck.

Despite the good news, kept to my promise of starting the new year with clean eating, excreting and reducing my sugar intake.

Two years ago joined a patisserie course so I could learn to bake. After my course, I put on weight, baking and eating cakes, biscuits, pies, and everything sweet. Exercised little, didn’t do my usual morning jog because I had to bake. This year I have reduced baking and took care of my health. 

Started my first week by charging my Fitbit, which I haven’t used and recovered my fitness pal account to track my calorie intake. Checked my weight, which I haven’t checked for three years and as you guessed; have put on weight.

Since I haven’t jogged for over a year, I started my Monday morning with a one-hour walk around my neighbourhood and realised I missed waking up very early in the morning and enjoying a calm walk. Enjoying the sound of nature and the occasion dog bark, this makes you wonder where the dog is. Despite Perth’s hot weather, the morning is the best time to exercise because it’s cooler.

Wednesday was the second day of my walk, but did a quick jog between my walks. Have missed that hype feeling; missed jogging. Changed my route and walked/jogged to the neighbouring suburb. Forgot many people walk their dogs on that street. Why do small dogs bark the most and big dogs look at you and walk away? 

Glad to see the German sherd or Alsatian dog again (can’t tell the difference). Whenever I used to go for my jog, always passed a house where a giant German Shepard or Alsatian sat on the front lawn and watched me jog past the house. He/she has never barked at me or anything, he/she just stared. 

Friday was my last walk/jpg of the week. I jogged longer this time round and jogged to the train station and walked back home. It was going to be over 30 degrees on that day and I could feel the sun. My eating habits changed this week; I tracked my food intake and avoided food high in sugar; I didn’t realise I was eating too much sweet potato, so this week I had to measure all my food, check the serving size and eat healthy. Didn’t eat potato chips this week. I usually eat potato chip with cheese every Saturday. This Saturday I choose to have a healthier cheese with my egg and not have potato chips. I measured my ice cream and yes… measured my ice cream and my butter intake. Had to reduce my butter intake because I put too much butter on my toast.