My Journey Back

Week 41

This week I practiced my 100 km in a one month challenge which will begin in November. I am jogging and walking to raise funds for sick children. So this week I had to come up with a plan on how to do 100 kms in one month. Decided to do 5kms for five kilometres for five days. The last time I did five kilometers every day was when I was way back in my twenties. Remembered every evening I ran five kilometers, but now I have Mondays as my short run days, 5km. Wednesday was medium, not over 15km. Fridays/Saturdays are long run days.

The week began with a five kilometer walk on Monday, on Tuesday I did a walk/jog for another five kilometers, I made sure I stretched after my exercise, repeated my jog/ran again for Wednesday and I thought I will get exhausted but I was fine. On Thursday I walked and out of all things to do I stubbed my toe against the bus pole when I alighted from the bus. I limped home in pain and thank God I didn’t break a nail. Rested my feet. Couldn’t do my last 5 kms on Friday because my toe was still hurting and swollen. Rested on that day. Did 21.3 km instead of 25 km. My toe is much better and on Monday will do it all over again without stubbing my toe.

What I learnt this week

  • Planned my workout
  • I can do 5 km for four days
  • Warm up before starting and stretch after exercise
  • Listen to your body when you have injured yourself
  • Have a rest day
  • Be prepared for the unexpected
  • Drank loads of water


Running 100km in a Month and How You Can Do It Too

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The Journey Back

Week 40

Spring has arrived, so have other things. Because of COVID HBF cancelled the fun run for two years. On 21 May 2023 I plan to do my fifth fun run, haven’t decided which distance I should go for. I have done the:

  • 4 KM
  • 12 KM
  • 2 mini marathons

Have signed up for a challenge in November. Plan to do 100 kms to raise funds for sick children. I look forward to this challenge. Going to run and walk during the month of November. Don’t worry will keep you posted.

Love doing fun runs because:

  • You keep yourself motivated
  • Doing it for a good cause, this will be my second cause. The first one was raising funds for children with hearing disabilities
  • In touch with nature, especially if you run outdoors
  • Meet different people, there is always that one person who wears a cool costume
  • It is good for the mind, body and heart
  • The happiness you feel after achieving your goals
  • You keep your body moving

Here is the link to my charity page.


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The benefits of participating in fun runs.

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