My Journey back

Week 7

This week I started strength training, lifting weights since I haven’t lifted weights for over two years, began lifting smaller weights and will progress. Woke up the next morning with my quads hurting. Did my morning run, and I used an alternative route, thought I had done an hour of running (I never check my Fitbit tracker until I complete a circuit.), Noticed I had only done thirty-seven minutes, so had to run the route for the second time. On Wednesday, I got my walking steps by getting lost. I walked in the opposite directions, my GPS is to blame.

I came across an article about the benefits of strength training. Strength training helps you lose calories, boost your mood, makes your stranger, builds lean muscles, and it also emphasises on starting on a smaller weight and not overdoing it. I do strength training for an hour. 

14 Benefits of strength training.

Another article I came across explains the different strength training. I do muscle endurance, where I lift weights. They also say you should strength train at least twice a week. So my exercise days have increased, I do one day cardio and the next day I strength train. I avoid doing them both on the same day.

Strenght Training 101: Dos and Don’t for beginners.

My Journey back

Week 5

Completed one month of exercising. I have increased my distance from 4 km to 8 km. I have lost weight and moved from walking to running. My Monday started with my mind being my mind not wanting to run until Tuesday but I came out of the bed, wore my running clothes and went for a 6 km run. I felt better and glad I didn’t listen to my mind. My knee is better today and ran longer. Sometimes you need to rest.

 Something I have noticed ever since I have been running. There are only three times you see the bus. When you begin your run. You don’t need the bus because you are getting started. In the middle of your run, you need the bus because you’re tired, but here is no bus stop or buses nearby. Instead, you walk until you feel like running again. When you finish running, you see the bus again, but you don’t need it anymore. The school term has begun and saw a woman take pictures of her kids near the bus stop.

It was a hot day on Wednesday but I still ran. I completed a circuit around the neighbourhood, ran on smaller hills this week. Ran through someone’s sprinkler. It’s so interesting to watch people who stare at you when you run closer to the sprinkler. It was hot, and the sprinkler cooled me down. People walk further away from the sprinkler, but I love running closer to the sprinkler. 

I didn’t run on Friday because I walked on Thursday. I was volunteering this week, so I walked around a new suburb. The suburb had many restaurants mainly for dinner, massage parlours, clothes shops and other stores. I wanted to run on Friday but I exhausted my body from walking and standing, so I rested. It is good to listen to your body when you feel exhausted.

You should have a rest day, according to this article. I agree with the article, rest to avoid stress fracture, rest your muscles and give your brain time to rest.

6 Reasons Why Rest Days Can Actually Help You Run Stronger.

Another article I came across has ten ways to motivate yourself if you don’t feel like running. I did one, that is; I go out and ran. Another motivation I came across is, I change my routes every time I ran.

Running Motivation: 10 Tips When You Don’t Feel Like Running.

My Journey back

Week 4

Started this week with a long run and a big hill. When I reached on top, the hill I was out of breath but I had to keep pushing. Ran up the hill twice. Why do cyclists have to cycle on the footpath when they have an empty road to themselves? Helped my sister move boxes and hit my knee. Went for a run on Wednesday, which wasn’t a good idea. My knee was okay when I walked but when I ran it hurt, so I didn’t run on Wednesday but had a pleasant walk. Rested my knee this week.

Everyone’s body is different. Some people will lose weight faster than others. I find it easier to maintain my weight, but losing weight is harder. Never get discouraged if you only lose a few kilos in a week. Remember not to compare yourself to other people’s body size and get discouraged. Concentrate on your goal and don’t get discouraged. Don’t always rely on the scale to check if you are losing weight. You can check with your clothes, checking if your jeans are loose or remember that dress you couldn’t fit it, try it on. When you feel lighter or your body looks different.

I came across an article on healthline, 20  common reason why you are not losing weight. I am doing something right and work on the things I’m not doing right.

What I’m doing right

I am losing weight

I keep track of what I eat

I eat enough protein

I check my carbs

I eat whole foods

I make sure I’m not over calorie intake

I eat whole foods

I don’t binge eat

I don’t drink sugar

I drink water

I don’t drink alcohol

I do cardio

I am not a junk food junkie

I don’t have a medical condition

I don’t diet

I never focus on dieting

I am realistic with my self

Thigs I need to work on

Lifting weights

Eat mindfully, I watch television will eating

Sleep better

Read the article below

20 Common Reasons Why You’re Not Losing as Much Weight as You Expected To

11 reasons why you should track your food